Internships can be extremely valuable to college students. You can gain new skills, experience some amazing opportunities, and even make some money.  These positions can definitely help you jump-start your career. In fact, internships are THE single most important factor in getting an interview. These days, it’s important to understand that internships can make or break your future career. Taking the summer off and relaxing just isn’t an option anymore.

Chicago is an amazing city to live and work in. There are many financial institutions and other amazing companies here who are looking to hire interns. The problem is that it isn’t so easy for a college student to track down these internships. How do you apply for an internship, if you don’t even know that the company exists? What’s even worse is that many of the postings online are generic and outdated. It is 2018. There is no reason that finding an internship still needs to be this hard.

​This is why Find Chicago Internships was born. No more outdated materials. No more generic and fake postings. We want to bring together as many REAL internship opportunities in Chicago as possible. Feel free to look around and sign up for our email list so you can find out about the latest internship opportunities.

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